1. Where is the Middle School located?


Gonzaga Middle School (GMS) is located at 174 Maple Street North in the Point Douglas neighbourhood in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

2. How are the students chosen and where do they come from? 


Please note the inset area is seen above in the answer to Question #1.

The GMS selection Committee selects students primarily based on two criteria – financial need and student/family motivation. Students and their families take part in a clearly defined admissions process and come from the Point Douglas and North East Downtown neighbourhoods of Winnipeg. Potential students are identified usually by referral from community organizations and personal recommendations of people in the community. GMS provides transportation for students who live within its identified boundaries.

We currently go beyond the boundaries in the map. In Point Douglas the expanded boundaries roughly correspond to the area bounded by the Red River to the east, Landsdowne avenue to the North and Keewatin Street to the west – although students further north and west have also been accepted. In North East Downtown, these boundaries roughly correspond to the Red River to the east, Portage to the south and Sherbrook and Arlington Streets to the west.


3. Is Gonzaga Middle School only for Catholic students?

All parents, of all backgrounds, can choose to apply for enrollment of their children. GMS admits students of all faiths and backgrounds. The school is for all parents in Point Douglas or North East Downtown Winnipeg – whether living here for one generation or many more – who want to enroll their children in a faith-based program that has seen tremendous success throughout North America, including more recently Mother Teresa Middle School in Regina. Parents and students must understand and accept the fact that GMS is inspired by Catholic and Jesuit values and operates in keeping with the Jesuit educational and NativityMiguel traditions. While drawing on these traditions, it is open to a variety of cultural traditions and expressions of spirituality including but not limited to Catholic, Christian and Indigenous traditions.

GMS does not proselytize or aim to convert students who are not Catholic. We encourage students to respect their own faith or spiritual traditions be they Catholic, Christian, non-Christian or Indigenous traditions. In keeping with the Catholic tradition, GMS bears witness to the idea that we find God or the Creator in and through each other and all thingsand that our actions are inspired by our faith or spirituality. In this tradition we also believe that every child is sacred and made in the image and likeness of God. In the tradition of Jesuit education, to be a man or women for others is to live according to a faith or spirituality that does justice in the service of others. While students will be expected to participate in lessons, ceremonial activities and celebrations held throughout the school year, accommodation can and will be made for any student’s additional spiritual needs in a way that is respectful of their own and other students’ backgrounds. It is the hope of all involved in Gonzaga Middle School that all students will be exposed to a breadth of spiritual traditions and practices from all walks of life.

4. When does the admissions process start?

The admissions process starts in December each school year and is usually completed prior to the start of school. Students who are accepted will be informed in June.

5. Are all children required to participate in the enrichment programs?

Yes. GMS students are expected to be involved in enrichment activities. These are developed according to the interest of students. Possibilities may include: field trips, cooking, zumba, yoga, babysitting, board game club, volleyball, football, cross-country, art, hip hop, basketball, debating, quilting, beading, singing, history club, crafts, drama, hockey etc. Incoming Grade 6 students participate in a 2 week summer program. Students transitioning to Grades 7 and 8 in later years also participate in a 3 week summer program.

6. How many students are accepted per year?

GMS accepts a maximum of 20 students per grade.

7. Is the school for students with behavioural problems or special needs?

GMS admits students who are facing academic challenges, however, it does not have the necessary supports to accommodate students with profound or severe behavioural problems or special needs.

8. Do the students wear uniforms?

Students wear uniform dress/spirit wear provided by GMS.

9. How is Gonzaga Middle School funded?

GMS relies entirely on the generosity of benefactors in order to cover its operating costs. The initial funding has come from individuals and family foundations who believe that the children from low income neighbourhood families we serve should have access to a Nativity-model school education in order to help them develop to their full potential and break the cycle of poverty. Ongoing donations from individuals, foundations and community-minded corporations are needed to keep the school operating.

After three years of operation GMS, began receiving the partial funding other funded independent schools in Manitoba receive. This offsets some of the cost per student but because of small class sizes, longer school days, enrichment activities, summer programs, transportation and other supports, along with being an intentionally small school, the cost per student is significantly greater than those incurred by traditional independent schools, parochial schools and public schools.

10. Do the students pay tuition to go to Gonzaga Middle School?

While GMS is not a tuition based school, families are asked to contribute a nominal monthly fee towards their child’s education.

11. What does the school day look like?

The school day starts at 8:00 a.m. and end at 4:45 p.m. on most days. Students are provided breakfast, lunch and snacks at school. Students are transported to and from school by bus.