Building Renovation Project

GMS entered into a long-term lease with St. Andrew’s Ukrainian Catholic parish prior to investing in extensively updating and upgrading the building.  Thank you to Metropolitan Archbishop Lawrence Huculak, of the Ukrainian Archeparchy of Winnipeg, Fr. Mark Gnutel, the Archeparchy Property Manager, and St. Andrew’s Parish for their collaboration in establishing the building lease.

The Gonzaga Middle School Board of Directors and Staff are very grateful to individuals, businesses and foundations that contributed to the renovation project.


Lead Donors 

Founding Board members Mark Chipman, Steve Chipman (and the Chipman family) and Bob Puchniak.

We welcome any additional support which would help us address the overall cost of the renovation project. Any donated funds will help us address our significant ongoing educational and building operating costs.

Special thanks to Jeoff Chipman from Longboat Development Corporation who chaired the construction committee and helped guide the renovation project.


Business and In-Kind Donations:

Several companies donated a portion of their services, products or made contributions to the renovation project.

  • Number TEN Architectural Group - Overall project design and supervision Special thanks to architect Dave Lalama and to the Number TEN staff for their excellent design work.
  •  Mechanical, electrical and structural engineering design and oversight. Special thanks to Jack Abuisi and to the other Tower Engineering partners and staff for their skill and expertise.
  • Our General Contractor who ably coordinated the overall project costing and numerous subcontractors and oversaw overall construction and renovation. Special thanks to John, Dan and Nick Bockstael along with the site superintendents and excellent staff who assisted throughout the renovation project.
  • Allco Electrical Ltd. Thank you for providing numerous lights and fixtures, especially to Dale Hendry and the outstanding staff on the project who expertly addressed all of our electrical infrastructure.
  • WesMan Mechanical Ltd. Thank you especially to Marc Phaneuf for his support and to the excellent WesMan staff who skillfully addressed our HVAC and plumbing infrastructure.
  • PAG Canada who supplied and installed our clock, public address and audio speakers and especially to Mark Kulas for the donation of equipment.
  • N. Jackson Ltd. who supplied our window coverings at a very reasonable cost. Special thanks to Doug Jackson for his support.
  • Airmaster Signs who supplied our external signage. Special thanks to Quentin MacCharles for his support.


Further Thanks for Ongoing Support:

Gonzaga Middle School gratefully acknowledges the Winnipeg Foundation for its 2017 Community Grant in support of our summer program!  This expands our students learning opportunities, helps to maintain learning through the summer, helps to build up the school community and fosters student well-being.

Gonzaga Middle School is also very grateful to the Richardson Foundation for its ongoing support for our Nutrition Program! This support is fosters student health, encourages regular attendance and is essential to help our students be ready to learn each day.

Gonzaga Middle School also gratefully acknowledges the Goodman Foundation for its commitment to our Student Transportation Program. This support helps us transport our students to and from school each day, thereby encouraging regular attendance, supporting a sense of student safety and reducing barriers to school participation.



School Opening and Programming:

The Gonzaga Middle School Board and Staff are also grateful to a number of organizations, schools and individuals who contributed their time, resources and expertise in preparation for the successful opening of school and ongoing programming.

  • Very Reverend Richard Gagnon, Archbishop of Winnipeg and Rob Praznik Superintendent of Catholic Schools for their ongoing support and encouragement.
  • Executive Director Curtis Kleisinger, Principal Terri Cote, past Executive Director Gwen Keith and the whole Mother Theresa Middle School board and staff for their inspiration, their advice and their sharing of a whole host of documents, procedures and policies which made it possible for us to conduct our Feasibility Study and to prepare for the school opening.
  • St. Mary’s Academy President Connie Yunyk for her ongoing support and both the Board of Directors and the Foundation Board for their support for Gonzaga Middle school. Also to the students, staff and community for their contribution to the book drive and continuing support for GMS. We are also grateful to Sr. Susan Wikeem and the Sisters of the Holy Name of Jesus and Mary for their support of Gonzaga Middle School.
  • St. Paul’s High School Board, staff, students, and community for their interest, ongoing moral, practical and logistical support, and for the book drive and additional contributions. Special thanks to:
    • President Fr. Len Altilia and Principal Bob Lewin for steadfast support and assistance.
    • Business Manager Richard Pelda for direct and practical assistance with business matters and serving on the GMS Finance board sub-committee.
    • Director of Information Technology Rob Merello for guiding and supporting the establishment of the technology infrastructure at GMS.
    • Librarian Mrs. Jonine Bergen who volunteered her time in coordination with part-time GMS librarian Ann Downey in organizing, cataloguing the books from SMA and St. Paul’s book drives and orders, and practically setting up our resource centre which supports GMS students’ reading development.
  • Provincial Superior Fr. Peter Bisson from the Jesuits in English Canada, and Fr. Eduardo Soto-Parra and the Winnipeg Jesuit community for their support for Gonzaga Middle School.
  • Past Executive Director Terry Shields at the NativityMiguel Coalition for his practical advice, encouragement and support.
  • Inger Schnerch retired long-time Assistant to the Principal at St. Pauls who came out of retirement to help GMS set up our Student Information System.
  • Terry Kryzyk who has volunteered his time and practical building and renovation skills.
  • Mike Fagundes and Paulo Fernandes, at Luscious Orange who have created and maintained our website.
  • True North Foundation Executive Director Dwayne Green, Camp Manitou Director Rick Bochinski and Winnipeg Jets Hockey Academy Director Murray Cobb for their assistance in helping establish GMS’ two-week summer camp at Camp Manitou and participation in the WJHA through the school year.