In January 2024, we will begin accepting applications from interested parents and students who will be entering Grade 6 in September 2024.  There may be only wait list spots for the incoming Grade 7 class. Applications for Grade 8 will be considered on a case-by-case basis and we anticipate very few openings in that grade. Full Application forms will be provided to interested parents who arrange a meeting with Gonzaga Middle School staff. Parents/guardians can bring the one page information form found here to the meeting with staff or drop off at the school office.

Please contact the Gonzaga Middle School by email: or by phone: (204) 949-7100.

You can also contact the Executive Director Mr Tom Lussier by phone at the school: (204) 949-7101 email:  or Principal, Mr Rex Ferguson-Baird at (204) 949-7102 email